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Ridgetop Pottery

Ridgetop Pottery

photo5Susan Ramey fell in love with pottery in 1973, thirty years before she started her studio, Ridgetop Pottery, in Kingwood, West Virginia. She makes handmade porcelain pottery based on a shared sense of form and color, inspired by the rivers, oceans and mountains that are an integral part of her life. She is devoted to the creation of handmade functional and decorative porcelain.

She started her formal ceramics education at a community arts center in Akron, Ohio, progressing to classes at the University of Akron, and culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Pottery from The Ohio State University. Among the artists with whom she studied are Michael Chipperfield, John Glick, Ken Ferguson, and Richard Zakin.

Artistically inspired by the colors and textures of the Appalachian Mountains and its whitewater rivers, she follows her love of art in everyday life, designing and creating pieces to look and feel wonderful. "I hope that people will eat, drink and serve from my porcelain, finding delight not only in the visual and tactile beauty of the pieces I create, but also in the personal connection to me as an artist."

Susan is also the pottery instructor in the Art Studio at the Szilagyi Center in Rowlesburg, West Virginia.


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