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Artisan Workshop

Artisan Workshop

I was born and educated in Liverpool, England and immigrated to America in 1978. My family and I settled in West Virginia and became citizens in 1988. I started a construction company working in the tri-state area of WV, PA, and MD.

Woodturning is my way of relaxing from my every day job.I enjoy designing and creating pieces of function and beauty using local woods. One of the unique things about wood, other than its natural color and grain, is that you can turn it into a variety of artistic yet functional items for use or just to admire as a piece of art.

There is nothing I enjoy more than to create a bowl from a piece that has been discarded for firewood. Most of the pieces I turn are made from recycled wood, and the natural edged bowls are made from green wood that has been left to rot in the woods by the lumber cutter because it was defective in some way. All my segmented boxes and bowls are made from wood left over from some cabinet or furniture project.

I also like to incorporate other materials with the wood such as natural stone and Corian.


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